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Gina O’Brien - CEO | Web & Content Administrator

Gina is responsible for creating, updating and publishing content on the MTM website, preparing and publishing the monthly newsletter and managing the MTM social channels.

Gina has been with MTM from its inception and has been involved in all aspects of the business in one form or another, which is why she has been dubbed MTM’s CEO (Chief Everything Officer!).

When Gina isn’t providing support to the MTM team, you can find her trekking around the Himalayas and helping to rebuild schools in remote villages in Nepal with the Reach for Nepal Foundation (where she volunteers as their Lead in Events Management). Any other down-time is spent walking on the beach when possible and getting cuddles from her boy Alfie (her little SHIT-zu/Maltese terrier).

You can reach Gina on 02 6188 4555 or gina@morethanmortgages.com.au.